A Roundup of Conservative Reaction to the Sotomayor Pick

First, some video…

Charles Krauthammer on Fox News:

Jeff Sessions talking about the Sotomayor pick on Fox News:

Next, some audio from Rush…

Now, onto commentary from around the web today…

Richard Epstein, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution:

Evidently, the characteristics that matter most for a potential nominee to the Supreme Court have little to do with judicial ability or temperament, or even so ephemeral a consideration as a knowledge of the law. Instead, the tag line for this appointment says it all. The president wants to choose “a daughter of Puerto Rican parents raised in Bronx public housing projects to become the nation’s first Hispanic justice?

The American Enterprise Institute’s John Yoo:

Republican senators will have to conduct thorough questioning in the confirmation hearings to make sure that she will not be a results-oriented voter, voting her emotions and politics rather than the law. One worrying sign is Sotomayor’s vote to uphold the affirmative action program in New Haven, CT, where the city threw out a written test for firefighter promotions when it did not pass the right number of blacks and Hispanics.

Mitt Romney:

Historically, the Court is where judges interpret the Constitution and apply the law. It should never be the place “where policy is made,” as Judge Sotomayor has said.

NRO’s Iain Murray:

Sotomayor is just as liberal as Souter on social issues like affirmative action and abortion, but far more liberal even than Souter on economic issues, such as punitive damages, preemption, and employment law.

NRO Editorial:

Judge Sonia Sotomayor is female, Hispanic, liberal, and mediocre. Conservatives should draw attention to the third adjective while understanding that the first two are likely to be politically decisive during her confirmation hearings.

The choice for Republican senators is not between Sotomayor and some hypothetical more dangerous Obama nominee; it is between her being confirmed with their consent and her being confirmed without it.

That consent should probably not be given, and should certainly be withheld for now.

Ace from Ace of Spades:

She and Obama make much of her “empathy.” With a record like this, it’s no surprise that they’re making the case on her feelings rather than, say, her “thorough and masterful understanding of the Constitution.”

NRO’s Rich Lowry:

It’s pretty amazing. Have we ever had a Supreme Court justice before who stated quite frankly that he or she is incapable of being objective?

More from Lowry:

Obama uses empathy as a code word for judicial liberalism, and few nominees could be as starkly empathetic as Sotomayor. She has the requisite inspiring background. She has been a reliable liberal vote (never mind that the Supreme Court has been singularly unimpressed by her reasoning in cases that have reached it). And she believes that her background is one of her most important qualifications.

NRO’s Jonathan Adler:

If confirmed (as I expect she will be) she will be a reilably liberal justice, probably to Justice Souter’s left on most issues.

NRO’s Ed Whelan:

President Obama abided by his dismal and lawless “empathy” standard and, in his selection of Judge Sonia Sotomayor, picked a nominee whom he can count on to indulge her own liberal biases.


One Response to A Roundup of Conservative Reaction to the Sotomayor Pick

  1. T & M says:

    Great round-up! ❤ you, "we're so proud"

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