My Very First Post

What better way to kick off the new blog than to post a link to my column that was published today in the UW’s daily paper? The task was to analyze Obama’s first 100-plus days in office.

Here’s an excerpt on the economy:

Now, Obama can keep blaming the current recession on former President Bush, but the fact is that he has made it much, much worse. And with his plans to nationalize health care and institute a cap-and-trade program, the deficit will only continue to grow.

An excerpt on Obama’s foreign policy:

As of late, Obama has stunningly reversed some of his own positions, which has put him in an awkward place with his far-left supporters. For example, the day after his inauguration, Obama ordered all military tribunals halted for detainees at Guantanamo Bay. However, acknowledging that there was no better alternative, administration officials announced earlier this month that Obama would revive the tribunals. In addition, it is now looking less and less likely that Guantanamo Bay itself will be shut down by next January, as Obama had promised. Robert Gibbs, the president’s press secretary, said on Wednesday that closing Gitmo was a “hasty decision.” It might have saved Obama some embarrassment if he had thought about where the detainees would be sent before he shut down the prison — but I digress.

And finally, an excerpt on Obama’s policy towards Africa:

It is shocking to me that out of a $3.6 trillion budget, Barack Obama cannot find $3.3 billion to fulfill our relief obligations in Africa. What’s not shocking is that this has gone unreported in the mainstream media, as it continues to provide cover for the president. The stomach-turning irony here is that while Obama is attempting to restore the United States’ image in Europe, he is simultaneously tarnishing it for the very people who have fallen in love with the United States during the past eight years.


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