Good News Seattleites! U.S. Could ‘Likely’ Intercept NK Missile

I would hope for a little more reassurance from the Pentagon’s director of operational test and evaluation, but I guess ‘likely’ is better than ‘no chance at all’.

From Bloomberg:

May 29 (Bloomberg) — U.S. ground-based interceptor rockets would “likely” knock out a long-range North Korean missile before it could reach the American mainland, the Pentagon’s independent testing official said today.

“I believe we have a reasonable chance” of an intercept, Charles McQueary, director of operational test and evaluation, said in an interview as North Korea defied international condemnation of a nuclear test with another short-range missile launch.

“I’d put it ‘likely’ — than ‘highly likely’ — as opposed to putting it ‘unlikely,” he said on his last day in office after almost three years as the top weapons evaluator for the Defense Department.

And now, a look back at some promises our brilliant president made while on the campaign trail:

Don’t you just feel better after watching that?

Btw, here’s Dennis Prager analyzing Obama’s April 5th speech in which he called for a nuclear-free world. Prager calls the president ‘incredibly naive’ on the issue:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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