NY Times’ Experimental Attempt at Objectivity Fails Miserably

Remember that article I posted earlier from the NY Times? The one that talked about Obama’s current riff with Angela Merkel? Well, in four consecutive paragraphs, the author, Nicholas Kulish, also talks about how much the German people love Obama, and even quotes a man named Dietmar Herz to prove it:

“Obama is so popular with the German people that you have a lot of comments like, ‘Why don’t we have a German Obama?’


Anyway, in another paragraph, Kulish also writes:

There is a sense in Germany, that the smooth Mr. Obama and the flashy President Nicolas Sarkozy of France have a better connection with each other than either does with the serious-minded Mrs. Merkel.

Really? No, I mean really? Because if that’s true, then the German people have their head in the sand. According to the The Times Online in the UK, Sarkozy and Obama have an incredibly cool relationship. No “connection” exists at all. This has been well-documented in other UK papers as well.

Again, this just goes to show that even when the NY Times tries to be objective, they fail miserably.

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