WaPo’s Chris Cillizza Ranks GOP’s Leaders Going into 2010 Midterms

Before he starts his list, Cillizza writes,

And, remember, that this Line should not be taken as a proxy for the 2012 presidential field; this is an attempt to rate which figures in the party will have the most control of its direction between now and 2010.

Let’s look at who he lists, with a small synopsis on why from me:

10. Mitch McConnell – Consistently on message

9. Sarah Palin/Mike Huckabee – Two most prominent voices for social Conservatives. Who will emerge as #1 remains to be seen.

8. Bobby Jindal – Remains the star-in-waiting

7. Tim Pawlenty – Attempting to raise his national profile

6. Michael Steele – Extremely rocky start as RNC Chair, but now on the comeback trail

5. Dick Cheney – A major force in the GOP, but a flawed messenger

4. Bob McDonnell – GOP nominee for governor in Virginia w/ sky-high favorability ratings

3. Haley Barbour – A sharp strategist, and an important player in gaining gubernatorial seats

2. Newt Gingrich – Extremely involved in the ideas debate

1. Mitt Romney – Romney is the voice of the GOP right now. Period.

For his full reasoning on why each politician is on the list, click here.


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