Mark Steyn’s Perspective on the UK Elections

(HT: Powerline)

Even though it would seem that Conservatives in the UK would have every reason to celebrate after Labour’s dismal performance at the polls, Mark Steyn offers some perspective:

The British results are the latest forlorn thermometer reading of Gordon Brown’s long goodbye. Yet, while the Labour Party is shriveling before our eyes, David Cameron’s Tories are not obviously the beneficiaries. In the English council elections the Conservatives got a lower percentage of the vote than last time round, and, insofar as there was a (one per cent) swing to the Tories in the European elections, in the end their vote was only a a handful of points higher than the combined tally of the two beyond-the-pale parties, the openly xenophobic (well, anti-European) UK Independence Party and the openly racist British National Party. If Gordon Brown’s rotting zombie of a ministry can’t drive voters into the embrace of David Cameron, what can?

The Conservatives should have been the beneficiary of both the broader two-party electoral cycle and the more immediate internecine warfare in Brown’s cabinet. But they weren’t. If I were a Tory strategist, I’d be none too thrilled with what the entrails are saying.




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