What Do The Terminator and Dr. Suess Have in Common?

They were both key players in a speech Daniel Hannan gave after the trouncing of the Labour Party at the polls.

Just as Hannan’s first speech directed at Brown was a huge hit, this one will be too:

And here’s another summary that explains just how severely punished the Labour Party has been at the polls over the last couple of days.

From David Pryce-Jones at the National Review Online:

Britain is engulfed in political turmoil.  And about time too. Prime Minister Gordon Brown took over from Tony Blair two years ago, and has shown consistently poor judgement ever since. For reasons that must stem from a narrow and self-regarding character he is unable to admit to mistakes, but always justifies them, thus reinforcing these poor judgements. In local elections in England (i.e. not Wales or Scotland), his Labour Party has been more or less wiped out, left without control of a single council even in its heartlands.

In simultaneous elections for the European parliament in Brussels, Labour has done even worse. In a very minimal turnout of 34 percent, Labour received only 15 percent of the vote, lower than the Conservatives by a long margin, as well as the Liberal Democrats, and UKIP — the United Kingdom Independence Party, a ramshackle single-issue party aimed at getting the country out of the European Union. Fourth, below UKIP! This is really unprecedented. Socialism itself is becoming a thing of the past.


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