Ed Schultz: “I’d Urinate” on Hugh Hewitt

UPDATE: Thanks to Brian Maloney at Radio Equalizer for linking to the blog!

I almost didn’t think it was possible for Ed Schultz to be any more deplorable than he already is. Almost.

From Radio Equalizer, via HotAir:

On yesterday’s radio program, however, Big Eddie managed to sink to a new low. Calling conservative host / blogger / author Hugh Hewitt “un-American”, he laid out how he would treat him as a guest in Schultz’s own home.

SCHULTZ (16:22): They worship money. They don’t value human life the way they claim they do. That’s a hoodwink. But I’d bring him over for a cocktail party.

Sure, then I’d urinate on him, ’cause that’s all he’s worth.

Anybody who talks like that about the American worker is not an American, is anti-American and wants to see this country fail.

Here’s the clip from Schultz’s radio show:

And here was Hugh’s response to Schultz’s initial attack on Monday:

And finally, here again is the video I created last night, “Ed Schultz vs. Ed Schultz”:


2 Responses to Ed Schultz: “I’d Urinate” on Hugh Hewitt

  1. Bloodghett says:

    I love Ed but that comment’s like school on labor day…
    …no class…

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