“Electronic Warfare” Rages in Iran


From Wired’s “Danger Room“:

Executives at the BBC say their World World News and Persian TV channels are now being jammed by “ground-based interference.” It’s almost like “electronic warfare,” one insider tells the Guardian.“Iranian authorities also blocked access to Yahoo Messenger early today as the country intensified its crackdown on all means of communication following Friday’s controversial presidential poll,” the UK paper reports. So have “at least 20 websites affiliated to the defeated reformist candidate, Mir Hussein Mousavi.”

“Before this we could bypass filtering by using proxy websites, the links for which were distributed daily among friends by email. But now the Iranian communication ministry has also begun to tackle proxy websites too,” one Iranian student said.

In response, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is asking the State Department and the Voice of America to become more actively involved in the information conflict. The group wants the U.S. to provide tools and expertise to the Iranian opposition, so it can hopscotch over the government’s filters.

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