Barbara Boxer is Appalling (Bumped)

UPDATE VI at 12:30pm on 6-19: Barbara Boxer ain’t apologizing.

From Fox News:

Aside from a briefly worded statement about a “friendly” conversation she had with Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh after dressing him down for calling her “ma’am,” Boxer remained silent Friday in the face of growing calls for her to apologize.


When asked whether Boxer would offer an apology, her spokesman, Zachary Coile, referred to a statement released Thursday.

“Senator Boxer called Brigadier General Walsh earlier today. They had a friendly conversation, expressed their respect for each other and talked about how they look forward to working together to protect our communities from natural disasters,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, Boxer’s voicemail box in D.C. is still full, according to commenters on YouTube.


UPDATE V at 9:15pm: Mark Levin weighs in.


UPDATE IV at 8:10pm: Radio talk-show host, Tom Sullivan, reveals how rude and insulting Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh was being before Senator Boxer asked him to call her “Senator” instead of “Ma’am.”


UPDATE III at 10:40am: Just read on the YouTube comment page that Senator Boxer’s voicemail box at her D.C. office is now full. That’s amazing. Hopefully they’re actually listening to the calls and not just deleting them.

Here are the rest of her office numbers:

Los Angeles: (213) 894-5000
Sacramento: (916) 448-2787
San Francisco: (415) 403-0100
Fresno: (559) 497-5109
San Diego: (619) 239-3884
Inland Empire: (909) 888-8525


UPDATE II at 10:25am: Great comment by “mgbinsd” on the YouTube comment page:

Barbara, you can call me boss, since you work for me!

Sincerely, California Voter


UPDATE on 6/18 at 10:08am: Just called Senator Boxer’s office in Washington D.C., and left a message conveying my disappointment in how she treated the Brigadier General. If you want to do the same, her number is (202) 224-3553.


(HT: RCP and HotAir)

Just watch:

What an awful human being.


22 Responses to Barbara Boxer is Appalling (Bumped)

  1. ladyingray says:

    She worked no where near as hard as the General has; he did more in basic training than she’s done in her entire life. It saddens me that military members such as my son have these types of leaders in DC.

  2. joybadluckclub says:

    she is disrespectful and rude. my cousin worked for her awhile back. that didn’t last long

  3. ladyingray says:

    Me too. Think how he felt in front of all those people getting dressed down by…that! Sheesh.

    Did she get some kind of rush from that?

    • Nick says:

      No, you heard the senator. “It’s just a thing.”

      I feel like shaking that General’s hand and apologizing to him for her.

  4. Jim F says:

    I don’t really see that as a dressing down after viewing the actual video, she asked and didn’t demand, and prefaced it with can you do me a favor and followed the request with an explanation.
    I am usually pretty tough on the “Senator”, I don’t ever have much good to say about her, but she wasn’t rough on the General

    • Nick says:

      This isn’t about being “rough” on the General. It’s about being snotty and rude. It’s protocol in the military to call someone “Ma’am” or “Sir.” This was all about Boxer’s ego, as she’s worked “so hard” for the title of “Senator.” It was an ego-trip, and she should apologize immediately.

      • Jim F says:

        I am guessing BB knows that is the protocol, and that is why she said, “do me a favor”, and, “its just a thing”. I have little else good to say about Sen BB, but I call ’em like I see ’em, this is a bit overblown.
        The sub host for Sussman the other night floated up something good to one caller who was trouncing Obama for something or other, probably well deserved, but his point was the opposition of the three of the last four POTUS did nothing but complain about everything, and take every shot possible, and all three were re-elected. Clinton, Bush, and Reagan. The opposition has to engage instead of attack attack attack, IMO. Pick your battles, learn your facts, and engage.

      • Nick says:

        “I am guessing BB knows that is the protocol, and that is why she said, “do me a favor”, and, “its just a thing”.”

        Forgive me, but that makes no sense. How does her moronic and ego-driven desire to be called “Senator” instead of “Ma’am” show that she knows protocol? Her request actually goes AGAINST military protocol. The terms “Ma’am” and “Sir” are used by members of the military to show respect and honor.

        Bottom line is that Boxer was wrong, and she needs to apologize.

  5. Joe from Michigan says:

    Perhaps her Majesty would enjoy lopping off the heads of a few commoners while she’s at it. And then perhaps a quick game of croquet with the hedgehogs. Yes, I believe she would feel better after that.

  6. Joe from Michigan says:

    I was curious, so I checked out more of the hearing at Was the General treating her Highness differently and more deferentially than the other senators? I randomly started at about 46.00 and ended around 1.09.00. In that time period Gen. Walsh addressed Sen. Vitter as “sir” 14 times and as “Senator” twice; he addressed Sen. Landrieu as “ma’am” 6 times and as “Senator” twice (and once as “sir” which he quickly corrected to “ma’am”). Neither Sens. Vitter nor Landrieu apparently had a problem with the polite and respectful way they were addressed.

  7. Joe from Michigan says:

    “Senator” Insane, yes, thank you. She’s worked so hard to get that title.

    • Nick says:

      Haha, she has indeed.

      Btw, here’s what Prager said about Boxer:

      “Barbara Boxer found offense where there was none…and if you look to be offended, you’ll be less happy. I can’t imagine she’s a very happy woman.”

  8. Joe says:

    Chris Matthews had the audacity to say this on his June 18 program: “I guess the question is this: Had he said “sir” to a male senator, would that senator be correct in correcting the general? There is a history, however, and let us not forget, of male-female condescension in the U.S. Senate. Just recall the Anita Hill testimony of not too long ago. That just might encourage a woman senator to insist on the title, senator. That being said, an Army spokesman later today says “sir, ma’am, or senator” are all deemed appropriate under the protocol when addressing a U.S. Senator. That’s their story.”

    So the General is clearly guilty of male-female condescension, Mr. Matthews? Maybe you should do what I did and actually research the story before commenting. The only thing Boxer and her blind lackey Matthews have ‘earned’ is my sincere contempt.

    • Nick says:

      That’s stunning. Matthews is a joke.

      The male/female issue is what Dennis Prager was harping on yesterday. He kept asking callers if they thought it would be normal for a male senator to make Gen. Walsh call him “Senator” instead of “Sir.” He obviously said it wouldn’t be, but also that a male senator would never do that. That’s why Boxer embarrassed women yesterday.

      Thanks for the comment!

  9. Armen C says:

    My email to her:

    Dear Senator Boxer,
    I was shocked to see your public display of total disrespect to Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh yesterday. As you know by now after being bombarded with letters from other embarrassed Californian’s, it is military protocol to address you in this manner.

    You may be a senator, and “worked hard” for your title, but this man from whom you “asked a favor” in such a rude manner risked his life for you and our country. Your need to be addressed by your title over the consideration of who you were speaking to came off as elitist.

    Please keep in mind the next time you consider taking this tone with someone that has served our country as he did, that you are not royalty, you are a public servant.

    With respect,
    Armen Chakmakian

  10. Tara says:

    Just want to simply add that it makes me sick to hear her disrespect him like that. Absolutely. Horrible woman.

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