This just in: Khamenei is nuts

UPDATE at 9:05am: Great stuff here from Thomas Jocelyn at The Weekly Standard blog. He has four observations from Khamenei’s speech:

1.) Keep an eye on the Revolutionary Guard, which has promised to stomp the opposition.

2.) The ayatollah and Ahmadinejad’s comments may very well antagonize the protesters further.

3.) The ball is now in Mousavi’s court. Make no mistake about it, he has been warned.

4.) Now, today, is another opportunity for President Obama to speak.

He delves much further into the details, so make sure to read his entire post.


I watched Ayatollah Khamenei speech to the Iranian people earlier this morning, and the first thought to cross my mind after doing so was, “How in the world does Obama think he can negotiate with this guy?”


Khameini threatened protesters, blamed them (and not the Basij) for the violence, and also said the West needed to stop meddling in Iranian affairs. Oh, and by the way, he frequently incited chants of,  “death to America, Israel, and the UK!” as well.

The AP has more in this video report:

And here’s a four-minute excerpt of his speech:

Yeah, how could the vote possibly have been rigged? That’s impossible!

Winston, from The Spirit of Man blog, liveblogged the speech, and said this afterwards:

Khamenei just finished his freaking sermon with saying that he’s willing to give his life to defend the regime and Islam. I think this game just got a whole lot uglier. Now the fight is on. The innocent defenseless Iranian people Vs a regime that is armed to the teeth. I have a horrible feeling about this thing. I think he’s ordered the regime’s security forces to unleash its power against the protesters. Massacre awaits the Iranian people…

I sure hope not. We should all be praying for the Iranian people.

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