Amir Taheri: Showdown in Iran to Continue

Keep praying, everyone.

From Amir Taheri in the NY Post:

The showdown is expected to continue for at least another month, until the end of the traditional Shi’ite 40-day mourning season in honor of the demonstrators killed by the security forces.

No one knows how many people have died, but by yesterday the identity of at least 19 “martyrs” had been established. A further 600 people have been wounded in clashes between demonstrators and the security forces in more than 20 cities across the country.

Opposition sources put the number of those arrested at around 3,000, including virtually all key aides to Mussavi and Karrubi. Among those arrested are the editors of two of Tehran’s leading newspapers, 16 officers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and dozens of mullahs and students of theology who have rallied to the opposition.


The next few days will show whether Mussavi can make the grade as leader of a popular movement that has been radicalized beyond his expectations. Mussavi might not want to go the extra mile that most protestors clearly demand. In such a case, others are waiting in the wings to offer leadership to a movement that is unlikely to fade anytime soon.

Taheri is an Iranian-born conservative journalist and author based in London. He wrote the book, “The Persian Night: Iran Under the Khomeinist Revolution,” which is available here.


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