Peter Wehner: We must stand “with and for the forces of liberation” in Iran

From Peter Wehner at NRO:

To watch what is unfolding in Iran right now is remarkable and stirring. The revolution there is real; whether it survives or not is another matter. America’s capacity to influence events there is limited — but it is not irrelevant. What we can do is act with moral wisdom, to stand with and for the forces of liberation, and take whatever practical steps we can to help this extraordinary uprising.

And those who during the last few years mocked the importance of elections and the power and longing for human freedom in the Middle East, who characterized the freedom agenda as simplistic, quixotic, and fated to fail, should feel a twinge of shame in light of Iran’s Freedom Revolution. Whether or not this turns out to be a historical tipping point is unclear; but one senses that in the aftermath of the last week, things have changed in a profound way. And it’s not over yet.

Read the whole thing.


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