An updated picture of Neda

An updated picture of Neda, thanks to the LA Times. How strikingly beautiful she was.

Clicking the link leads you to a very well-done piece The Times did about her life –what her interests were, what she was studying, what her last words were, etc — so please click it.

Neda 2


2 Responses to An updated picture of Neda

  1. It’s painful to see.

    To anyone saying it makes no difference who leads in Iran- that both candidates are tyrants- I do understand this frustration and cynicism. But what’s important is the push the citizens of Iran are making for liberty, dignity, and a voice.

    The Persian Jews who had to flee to America are all too aware of the oppression there. These massive protests are being met with horrific tactics.

    Neda was one of the tragic casualties. Even one is too many.

    But people who support these protestors are on the right side of history.

    Thank you for sharing the photo and keeping it real for us.

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