The Current Situation in Iran

Doesn’t sound good.

From the Weekly Standard’s Victorino Matus:

With a diminished number of Western reporters on the ground in Tehran, more and more of whom are getting arrested, much of the news out of Iran is based on the innumerable eyewitness reports that come by phone and Internet.

Making sense of it all here in Prague is Rod Shahidi, director of Radio Farda. None of what he has heard is good: We will probably never know the number of fatalities, somewhere in the hundreds. Bodies are now being taken from the city morgues unreported. In other instances, families of the victims have had to pay for the return of a body–sometimes called a “bullet fee“–costing as much as $15,000. While there might have been some reluctance on the part of the military, security forces are definitely cracking down, camping out in the parks, taking hold of the country.

Residents are being forced to name names, asked to rat out neighbors. More of the opposition is being arrested. “Allahu Akbar” can be heard chanted from the rooftops, as well as “Death to the dictator!” referring to Khamenei. Perhaps most lethal are the snipers.

The problem, from what I have heard from Iran experts like Mehrdad Mirdamadi, is that the demonstrators have no leader, no overall head organizer with one message and unifying directives. Mousavi has reluctantly been the figure Iranians are looking to and many are hoping he does more. It is rather unclear, however, if he will step up. And what role will Rafsanjani play? The chaos is playing right into the hands of the regime.

On top of the report above, this is one of the most popular tweets going around on Twitter right now:

RT: Iran hospitals surrounded by militia 2 check y ppl going in – if gun or baton injury – they arrest & beat u #Iranelection

Awful. Keep praying everyone.


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