Awful: Neda’s dad forced to say protesters, not regime, killed his daughter

From Michael Rubin at NRO:

More Disgusting than Forced Confessions

Word from Iran is that the authorities have forced Neda’s father to appear on state television and say that the protestors, and not the regime, killed her.

So let’s run down the list, shall we?

– A member of the Basij shoots Neda in the heart, killing her while she stands peacefully next to her music teacher.

– The regime refuses to allow her family to conduct a public funeral

– The regime bans mourning at local mosques

– The regime prohibits Neda’s family from posting black mourning banners at their residence

– The regime then forces her family from their residence

– And now, the regime forces Neda’s father to say the protesters killed his daughter

Pure evil.



2 Responses to Awful: Neda’s dad forced to say protesters, not regime, killed his daughter

  1. MANEDALARA says:

    Government took Neda’s body to a forensic medicine out of town and removed some of Neda’s body organs, including a part of her femoral bone !!!! its very strange, and i am still thinking why they should do that even without permission from her family? the only thing i can think about is that they may prepare a story about a chronic disease as the cause of her death! at least a missing bone may be an evidence in the future to prove she never was shot by a bullet!!!

  2. swing voter says:

    I’m not surprised by this. What would surprise me is anyone who believes it. Words can’t describe what I’m thinking is happening over there and they have already suffered so much. I will pray for her family and their safety.

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