USA vs. Brazil in Confederations Cup Final

UPDATE: Video I captured from the Sounders FC win over Colorado:


UPDATE: Just got home. I’ve known about the 3-2 loss for hours now, and am still devastated. At least the Sounders FC won 3-0.


UPDATE: USA 2-0 over Brazil at half. Unbelievable. Won’t be able to watch the 2nd half, as I’m off to watch the Seattle Sounders FC play the Colorado Rapids, but GO USA!


UPDATE: USA 2-0 over Brazil in the 32nd minute. Do you believe in miracles!?


All I have to say is:

U,S. Soccer 2 Match is on ESPN/ESPN 360 at 11:25am PT. Previews from ESPN here and here and from SI here.


4 Responses to USA vs. Brazil in Confederations Cup Final

  1. Miracle on Grass Part II?

    Could be possible today.

  2. EmperorAtahualpa says:

    Too bad you guys didn’t win! You (USA) had my sympathy as the underdogs but the match took just a little bit too long… I believe you would have won if only you didn’t concede that 2-1 goal right in the first minute after the halftime break!

    • Nick says:

      We would definitely have had a better chance, for sure. Even with the loss, though, I’m really proud of the team, and I’m glad more and more people in the U.S. are getting into the world’s game.

      I had watched the World Cup in 2006, and loved it, but never really continued to watch soccer after that. Well, now I’m into the EPL, Champions League play, the MLS (now that Seattle has a team), and will be watching all of the 2010 World Cup matches I can. I’m hooked! Lol.

      Thanks for the comment!

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