Strickland looking vulnerable in Ohio

From Quinnipiac:

Ohio voters approve 46 – 42 percent of the job Gov. Ted Strickland is doing, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today, down from 57 – 29 percent in a May 6 survey. This is Gov. Strickland’s lowest approval rating since a 45 – 12 score, with 43 percent undecided,  February 1, 2007, one month after he took office.


U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine, a possible Republican challenger in the 2010 Governor’s race, has caught up with the struggling Strickland, with 40 percent to the Governor’s 41 percent, compared to a 48 – 36 percent Strickland lead May 6.

Another challenger, former Congressman John Kasich, trails Strickland 43 – 38 percent, compared to 51 – 32 percent May 6.

Kasich now leads DeWine 35 – 32 percent in a Republican primary, reversing a 35 – 23 DeWine lead May 6.  Another 29 percent of GOP voters remain undecided.

Strickland, DeWine, and Kasich

Strickland, DeWine, and Kasich

(HT: Jim Geraghty of NRO)


2 Responses to Strickland looking vulnerable in Ohio

  1. DeWine was voted out of the senate in part for being a squish; supporting Amnesty and the Gang of 14. Just like that other Republican, John “Landslide” McCain.

    The worst part is, he’d still be an improvement over that tool Strickland.

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