Karl Rove on Sarah Palin’s resignation

Rove was on The O’Reilly Factor last night, and made some very interesting points about why this was a bad political move for Palin.

One is that she’s going to be in high-demand, and will no longer be able to use the “sorry, I have to run a state,” excuse to deny requests to speak/appear at events. As Rove says, “she’s going to be under a lot more pressure to do a lot more free events.”

Another point Rove makes is that she loses the advantage of a lower profile, as, “right now, you don’t want to have the highest profile in the world.” He says she needs to spend more time “underneath the radar” to educate herself about the issues and build up a set of contacts to help guide her through a prospective presidential campaign.

Rove’s bottom line: “How does she answer the question of, ‘Geez, it was too tough for me to be governor of the state of Alaska, but I’m tough enough to be president of the United States?'”


2 Responses to Karl Rove on Sarah Palin’s resignation

  1. spunkylady says:

    I hope the BEST for Sarah–

    But it sure looks like she isn’t tough enough for politics.

    Perhaps she’ll find a place that is comfortable and still be able to do good things for America?

    Only time can tell how this will play out. I don’t see her being idle. . .

  2. Rove lost me when he told an audience he wanted more Mexican workers because his own kids were above menial labor. Anyway, as I blogged today, I’m not inclined to think higher office is Sarah’s goal, and I think her stated reasons for stepping down are, in the words of a minor Futurama character, “more than acceptable, (they’re) moderately adequate…”

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