Hey Obama: They’re GOALS, not points.


From the AP:

President Barack Obama seemed pleased with the gift he received Thursday from Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, but it was bittersweet nonetheless.Silva gave Obama, a big sports fan, an autographed yellow Brazilian soccer jersey at the start of their morning meeting at the G-8 summit in Italy.

During their banter, which reporters partly heard through a translator, Silva spoke animatedly of the June 28 soccer match between the U.S. and Brazilian national teams in the Confederations Cup series. The game was a crushing loss for the underdog Americans, who led at the midway point, 2-0, only to lose 3-2.

Silva repeatedly said, “Yes we can,” which was Obama’s campaign catchphrase and apparently what the Brazilian president had in mind while his team trailed. Obama smiled gamely; if he felt Silva was rubbing it in a bit, he didn’t let on.

“Hey, look at this,” Obama said of the jersey, signed by the Brazilian team’s players. “Beautiful. All right, wonderful. I like that.”

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs later said Obama ended his 30-minute session with Silva by patting the Brazilian’s back and vowing, “we will not lose a two-point lead again.”

Really? Really? A “two-point” lead? I didn’t realize the players scored points in soccer/football/futbol, Barry.



Hey, nice point!


One Response to Hey Obama: They’re GOALS, not points.

  1. slamdunk says:

    Ha–I had not heard that one. Too funny.

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