Marco Rubio tells it like it is, says not having support of GOP leadership “sucks”

How can you not root for this guy? I keep holding onto hope because of the fact that among those who have heard of both him and Crist, the race is a statistical dead heat.

From The Jacksonville Observer:

Crist outraised Rubio considerably during the quarter that ended June 30 – and has brought in more than $4 million to Rubio’s less than $400,000. Rubio said he’s not naïve and knows he needs to do better raising money to get his message heard, but said he hopes the primary will be about ideas, not just money.

Implicit in a message that he will be the candidate who has principles – many of which he outlined in some level of detail – was a hint that Crist doesn’t have strong stands on issues, though Rubio didn’t say that directly.

“If we live in a country where all you’ve got to do is raise a lot of money … we’ve got bigger problems than me not winning,” Rubio said. “I hope to live in a country where ideas still matter.”

In addition to having very low name recognition against Crist – who has wide recognition and is popular to boot – and the fundraising disadvantage, Rubio was reminded by a questioner at the forum that he also faces the opposition of his party leadership, which has backed Crist.

“Yeah. It sucks doesn’t it?” Rubio responded.

It does indeed, Marco.

Rubio for President, 2020?

Marco Rubio, rising star.


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