Why Pawlenty can’t be the GOP nominee in 2012…

From a Public Policy poll taken in Minnesota on July 7th and 8th, which surveyed 1,491 Minnesota voters. Margin of error is +/-2.5%:

Obama’s approval rating is 54%, with 39% of respondents disapproving. When PPP polled Minnesota in April the spread was 60/30. His numbers are steady with Democrats and have dropped some with independents but the biggest decline is among Republicans. Where previously 23% of them approved of his performance, now just 12% do.

Voters in the state still like him a good deal better than some of his GOP alternatives though. Tim Pawlenty’s approval has also dropped from a 46/40 spread three months ago to now a negative 44/48 one. In a hypothetical 2012 contest Obama leads Pawlenty 51-40.

Not to be harsh, but I have never considered Pawlenty to be presidential material. This poll reaffirms that feeling quite substantially.

If the guy can’t poll better than 40% in his own state, then how in the world would he be able to knock off Obama in 2012? Where would he get the votes?

Don’t waste your time thinking about that question. It was rhetorical.


Sorry, T-Paw.


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