Quote of the day

I was listening to an archived podcast of The Dennis Prager Show a couple of minutes ago, and Prager said something I felt I had to share with all of you:

“I do not want America to be loved. If it happens, that’s lovely. It is of no interest to me. Zero. To Liberals, it is very important. I want America to do what is right. If we end up loved, fine. If we don’t end up loved, fine. Since when does “world love” correspond with “world goodness?” Exactly when?”

I can’t tell you how often this topic comes up at the UW in my political science classes. This past quarter, for example, I had a media and politics class where we discussed America’s brand image, and what we could do to “fix it”  around the world.” The whole idea was to figure out how we could change  to make other countries like us more.

Out of 100+ students, I was the only one who vocally expressed that I didn’t care what other countries thought about us. I am so in alignment with Prager on this issue, it’s not even funny. I couldn’t care less about being liked. Like Prager, all I care about is that we’re doing what’s right.


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