Why Mike Huckabee won’t be the GOP nominee in 2012…

I’ve already given you the reasons here and here why Sarah Palin won’t be the GOP nominee in 2012, so I’ll let Allahpundit of HotAir explain why Mike Huckabee won’t be either:

I like to goof with you guys about him being the nominee because I know it (inexplicably) torments you, but seriously: Assuming Romney runs, which is a near certainty, give me a scenario in which Huck tops him for the nomination.

He’ll have his strongholds — Iowa, South Carolina, plenty of other southern states — but Romney will have the coasts, the northeast, lots of the midwest, most of the party bigwigs, all of talk radio, and a huge war chest on his side. He’ll also be seen as the “economy” candidate while Huck is pigeonholed as the social con.

And needless to say, if Palin runs and pulls evangelicals away from him, Huck will be lucky to win a single primary. So I repeat the question. How does Huck win the nomination?

Answer: He doesn’t.

Sorry, Mike.

Sorry, Mike.


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