Obama didn’t even get it to the plate…

From Yahoo! Sports’ Big League Stew:

Earlier on Tuesday, the President said that he planned to throw his first Presidential pitch high so it’d get to the plate without bouncing, but his control was lacking. He clearly didn’t throw a strike like George W. Bush famously did during the 2001 World Series in New York just weeks after Sept. 11.

No, it clearly wasn’t a strike. In fact, Albert Pujols had to scoot in front of the plate to catch the ball. Click the pic below to watch the video:

Obama pitch 3

I almost wish Pujols would have let him bounce it up there. Everything else he’s done has been an epic failure, why not his first pitch too?

Another interesting tidbit from BLS:

The more debatable point from the historic moment was the reception the President was afforded by the self-described “best fans in baseball.” Though Obama was roundly cheered by the All-Star fans, his live presence still didn’t attract the applause that George W. Bush did during a taped announcement by the four previous Presidents before the game and some boos could even be heard among the cheers.

(HT: Ace of Spades)


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