Cantor running for pres. in 2012?

CQ Politics and the Washington Post seem to think so.

First, from CQ Politics, which also speculates about Indiana Congressman, Mike Pence:

Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia made the short list of candidates for vice president last year and has already moved onto the list of potential candidates for president for 2012, having launched a series of listening tours and policy forums.


Cantor has raised $637,000 for his PAC, Every Republican Is Crucial…

Next, from WaPo:

Further fueling speculation that House Republican Whip Eric Cantor is mulling a bid for the White House, new federal election reports show the Virginia Republican recently spent big bucks on speech coaching.The No. 2 House GOP leader paid $7,697.25 for the services of ace speaking coaches Roy and Jeanette Henderson — more specifically, one of the husband-wife team’s Podium Master seminars. The date listed for those services was May 28, according to the Cantor congressional campaign’s most recent mandatory filing with the Federal Election Commission.

Cantor dropped another $3,392.55 on a separate Podium Master seminar back in January.

It’s not exactly a secret that Cantor, who has been playing a more visible role lately, has ambitions for higher office.

I think Cantor will have better prospects in 2016, or even 2020, but we’ll see what happens…




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