New poll shows Christie up 8 over Corzine…

So, let’s recap the last three polls taken for New Jersey’s gubernatorial race, which will be held next year:

Rasmussen (7/7 – 7/7): Christie 53, Corzine 41

Quinnipiac (7/8 – 7/12): Christie 53, Corzine 41

Monmouth/Gannett (7/9 – 7/14): Christie 45, Corzine 37

Here’s the most important part of this latest poll:

President Obama is scheduled to stump for Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine today, but a new poll from Monmouth University shows that it will take more than the president to save the vulnerable governor’s campaign.

The poll, conducted July 9-14, found that 69 percent of likely voters said Obama’s support for Corzine will have no impact on their decision whether or not to vote for the governor, who faces a strong challenge from Republican former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie.

Sorry, Obama. You showing up for a few hours and flashin’ a smile ain’t gonna cut it. Corzine’s going down…

Still in the driver's seat...

Still in the driver's seat...


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