NY Times: Republicans See Opportunity in Races for Governor

Cherish this moment, as the Times usually has nothing positive to report about the GOP.

Here’s some excerpts from their article:

When I start looking at this chart, in some ways I’d sure rather be a Republican than a Democrat next year,” said Jennifer Duffy, who tracks gubernatorial races for the non-partisan Cook Political Report.

“There were a bunch of Democratic states I wasn’t looking too seriously at for a while — Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin — that I am taking new looks at because in the past several months, I have seen polling numbers for these governors tank,” she said. “Let’s face it: Being governor is not the best job in American right now.”


Democrats have more seats to defend in 2010: 21 of them, compared with 18 for Republicans. (Overall, Democrats now hold 28 of the 50 state governorships, compared with 22 for Republicans.)


What is more, 17 of the 39 seats to be contested in 2010 will be open, with no incumbent in the race, and 10 of those are now held by Democrats. The main reason for this is term limits.


As of right now, officials from both parties said, Republicans could see a net gain of at least three governors’ seats. Democrats face especially long odds in Kansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Michigan, and depending on what Mr. Freudenthal does, Wyoming. That list could end up including Colorado, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, Maine, Wisconsin and Iowa as well, officials in both parties said.

The Times also points out that Republicans may not have to wait until 2010 to start posting some victories, as Bob McDonnell currently leads Creigh Deeds in Virginia, and Chris Christie leads incumbent Governor, Jon Corzine, in New Jersey. Elections for both races will be held this November.


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