Rumor: WA Sen. Maria Cantwell Having Affair With Married Journalist

[Update on 5/19/10]: It’s now been six days since I put a call in to Q13 asking for an update on the Cantwell/Harwood story. I’ve yet to hear back from anyone at the station, even though I was told I’d be contacted within 48 hours. I’ll be calling again here in the next couple of days, and when I do, I hope to be given some real answers instead of the run-around.

I’ll keep you posted.


[Update on 5/13/10]: I just did a Google search, and Q13 actually ran an updated story on March 12th. Here’s what they added to the original story, which is posted below on this page:

In an email sent to Q13 FOX News, Harwood denies that his alleged affair with Senator Cantwell had anything to do with the split. “No other person or relationship played any role whatsoever in my separation, which occurred in September 2009. Any suggestion otherwise is outrageously false.”


Meanwhile John Diamond, Communications Director in Sen. Cantwell’s office told Q13 FOX News: “No comment.”

So Harwood did get together with Cantwell post-split then? While he was still married? Can no one find out this information??

Update at 5:52pm: I just put a call in to Q13 and talked to a woman named Paula, who said she’d ask around (as to why there’s been no follow-up since March 12th) and get back to me tomorrow. I also emailed the NY Post, but I’m skeptical I’ll get anything back from them. I’ll keep you posted on what I hear back from Q13…


[Update on 4/20/10]: The story has now been taken down by Q13, but it’s still up on the NY Post’s (the original source) website. Here it is:

DC insiders are buzzing that John Harwood , a CNBC Washington correspondent and political writer for the New York Times, has split with his wife, Frankie Blackburn, and has dated Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) According to well-placed sources, Harwood has kept it out of one DC paper by sobbing to a reporter until he agreed to kill the story. When asked repeatedly about the split, Harwood told Page Six, “I don’t feel comfortable talking about my family life.” But he did say the crying part “is absolutely not true.” A Cantwell spokesman in DC had no comment.

There’s something really weird about this whole thing. How is it that there’s been no further follow-up? And if there’s been no follow-up because this story has no basis in fact, how is it that there’s been no retraction or apology?



From Q13 Fox News:

Rumors Flying High Over Senator Maria Cantwell And Her Rumored Affair With Married Journalist

SEATTLE -Senator Maria Cantwell is in the news again but not for her government policies or legislative actions.  This time around her rumored affair with a married journalist is keeping Cantwell in the center of online gossip magazines.

Gossip columnists are reporting that CNBC Washington correspondent and New York Times writer John Harwood has split from his wife, Frankie Blackburn, because of his alleged affair with Senator Cantwell.

The details of the supposed affair have not been released other than that the two have dated.

These allegations have not been confirmed by either source but according to ‘Page Six,’ the online gossip magazine, Harwood has said, “I don’t feel comfortable talking about my family life.”

Sources also say Harwood ‘sobbed’ to a DC paper asking to keep his affair quiet and out of the paper.

(HT: Ace of Spades)

Uh oh, Maria.

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