“Who’se Schools? Our Schools!”

On college campuses all across the nation this past Thursday, student strikes were held to protest against ongoing budget cuts. The protests were organized by the same old usual suspects:  Communists, Socialists, Anarchists, Marxists,  Liberals, hippies, weirdos, crazies…

I know I’m forgetting a group.

Regardless, one of these protests was held at the University of Washington, where the Seattle International Socialist Organization teamed up with the UW Student-Worker Coalition to demonstrate in the middle of the Quad. Now, the Quad usually looks like this in Spring:

On Friday, it looked like this:

Wait, what?

Can we look at that sign on the left a little closer please?

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. The geniuses at socialistworker.org printed up dozens of signs for students to hold that were grammatically incorrect. And they’re still grammatically incorrect even after the students add the “E’s” to them.  (I love the small “e” myself. Fighting back against the conformity of all caps…)

That picture has actually garnered a lot of attention from around the Conservative blogosphere (Instapundit, Gateway Pundit, RightWingNews, IMAO), and even on the David Boze Show, a local Conservative talk show here in Seattle. I uploaded it to Twitpic, and as of now, it has over 11,500 views.

Attention student protesters: If you’re going to cut class to protest budget cuts, you might not want to hold misspelled signs. It makes you look really dumb. And oh yeah, if you’re going to correct the sign, correct it all the way. Don’t go halfway and throw in the towel.

And now back to more photos of protesting brilliance:

My, aren't those Cherry Blossoms beautiful?

I suppose these "radical women" mean tax them MORE since they're already taxed, but I could be wrong.

This message brought to you by the Freedom Socialist Party

I'm sensing a theme here...

And here we have the inevitable hippie chicks dancing.

So we’ve learned that all we have to do to stop budget cuts (and in effect, fix the economy) is to tax the rich. It’s so simple!

Keep in mind, folks, that I go to school with these people.

Every. Single. Day.

Btw, here’s the intro to Friday’s “David Boze Show,” featuring yours truly:


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