Kathy Griffin and Chelsea Handler: Classy Ladies

As reported by Radar Online, D-List “comedienne” Kathy Griffin recently told a reporter that she’d, “like to push Sarah Palin down the stairs.”

This was after video surfaced earlier in the week of Griffin saying this:

She was so famous as Governor, you know, when John McCain picked her after meeting her for ten minutes. And, um, that must have been some blowjob.

If you can stomach it, here’s that video (skip to 0:29) [Content Warning]:

You also have Chelsea Handler, whose book is competing with Karl Rove’s new book, “Courage and Consequence.” She was on the Today Show earlier, and said this:

I mean he’s [Karl Rove] a silver fox is what he is. And he, yeah his book came out and my publishers didn’t tell me I had competition. I was like, you didn’t tell me. They said, “Well we don’t think it’s the same audience.” I’m like yeah but it’s, I mean there’s a lot of really, really stupid people out there that might buy this book. Look what happened to Sarah Palin. She’s really stupid.

Classy: Griffin (L) and Handler (R)


2 Responses to Kathy Griffin and Chelsea Handler: Classy Ladies

  1. Torrie says:

    This is to be expected from KG; hardly the paragon of class. But I will go pick up a copy of Karl Rove’s book tonight, just to stick to Chelsea Handler.

  2. DCG says:

    These “women” act like they are in junior high…

    Chelsea posed for Playboy and from what I’ve seen of her shows, she’s a lush (or used to be one). Talk about stoopid! I do believe they project too much.

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