Shocker: 18-34 year-olds overwhelmingly prefer income tax on “rich” in WA

Recently in Washington state, some Democrats have been proposing the idea of a state income tax as a way to help close our $2.8 billion budget deficit. After seeing this new poll from SurveyUSA, they’ll likely begin to tout how the “people” do indeed want to see an income tax in our state.

The poll shows that 53% of Washingtonians think a 4.5% income tax on those making above $200,000 is a good idea, while 39% do not.

Here’s the thing though. 66% of those aged 18-34 (32% of the sample) are in favor of an income tax.

How many 18-34 year-olds do you know that make more than $200,000 per year? I don’t know any.

More from Josh Ritchie at TurboTax:

Tax Foundation research shows that only 55.8% of 18-35 year olds pay any income taxes at all. The other 44.2% fall under what Tax Foundation calls the “Zero-Tax Population.” Furthermore, even the 55.8% that does pay income taxes generally pays only at the 15% rate that applies to incomes between $8,375 – $34,000, according to Bargaineering’s freshly updated list of the 2010 tax brackets. A separate Tax Foundation report also finds that 27.44% of beneficiaries of the new, wider 10% bracket are between the ages of 18-34. In short, not only are just over half of this demographic paying any taxes, they also typically pay at the second lowest rate of any age group.

Is it any wonder why 66% of the 18-34 year-old respondents in the poll are fine with taxing the “rich”? They’re not even close to making that kind of money, so their attitude is, “Sure, tax the rich. They don’t need it.” I saw this kind of mentality on display at the UW last week when students marched against budget cuts.

Here’s what the entire age breakdown looks like for the poll:

Overall, quite a sad commentary on the young people in Washington, and the Dems would be wise to resist the urge of using this poll to claim “support” for their income tax.


6 Responses to Shocker: 18-34 year-olds overwhelmingly prefer income tax on “rich” in WA

  1. Torrie says:

    First of all, $200,000 is not rich – which I guess no one our age understand because to them (us?) it’s no different than a million dollars. Also, this tax is to save a penny per dollar? Really? Because an extra penny per dollar is really breakin the bank for a lot of folks.

  2. DCG says:

    This is just sad…obviously they didn’t take econ 101. Do they not realize that when you tax the “rich” the “rich” have less money to put back into their businesses & the economy? Look what’s happening in NY, the “rich” are leaving like crazy and revenues are down.

    Class warfare is no good for our economy…

  3. Bill says:

    Shocker: young people are progressive.

    Actual shocker: more people, according to this poll, support an income tax in the other three brackets than the opposed it. My numbers have yeses accounting for 46.779% of the polled, while no votes were 45.588%.

    And guess what? 18-34 year olds also have a say because they, too, pay taxes! That pushes it up to 53%-39%.

    An income tax is an interesting proposition. Personally I think we should establish a universal income tax rather than limiting it to the rich. 39 other states have both income and sales taxes, we can too (and it would have caused less volatility in the state budget when the recession rolled around and lowered sales tax income).

    We’ll get there, someday.

    • Nick says:

      “18-34 year olds also have a say because they, too, pay taxes!”

      Did you even read the post, Bill?

      Of COURSE they have a say (this is a democracy after all), but the entire “tax the rich, they can afford it” mentality of our fellow young people is quite pathetic.

    • Nick says:

      And an income tax in the middle of a recession is a terrible idea. The idea is to create jobs and cut the deficit, not drive people out of the state by raising taxes b/c you haven’t cut enough govt spending.

  4. The numbers were kind of high among the 65+ group also, however they only accounted for 15% of those surveyed. The poll is interesting.

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