Gregoire’s Approval Now at 31%, an All-Time Low

From SurveyUSA:

Q: Do you approve or disapprove of the job Christine Gregoire is doing as Governor?

A whopping 72% of 18-34 year-olds disapprove, as do 41% of Democrats.

Absolutely disastrous, but also not surprising considering Gregoire has continued to encourage tax increases (put forth by Dems in the state legislature) on Washingtonians in the middle of this recession.

Looking at the overall state legislature, which is controlled entirely by Democrats (63-35 in the House, 32-17 in the Senate), just 20% of Washingtonians approve, while 69% disapprove.

U.S. Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell are at 42% and 38%, respectfully.

Oh, and by the way, President Obama’s approval rating in WA is now at 46%, an all-time low for him in the state.

You think we’re fed up with Democrats in this state? I’d say so. I’m very much looking forward to November, when we’ll be able to start turning the tide back against them.

Obama and Gregoire, waving goodbye to their approval ratings.


2 Responses to Gregoire’s Approval Now at 31%, an All-Time Low

  1. DCG says:

    Who are the 31% that still approve – govt workers & those on welfare? Her lies stated to get re-elected will hurt her and all dems come Nov…”now is not the time to raise taxes”. Her and Obama can say goodbye together in 2012!

  2. […] who McKenna represents, that’s exactly how so many Washingtonians feel about her. Hence her 31% approval rating, which is an all-time low since she’s been in […]

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