So Obama Suddenly Cares About the Well-Being of California’s Central Valley Farmers, Eh?

This is outrageous.

From Kim Priestap at Wizbang Blog:

Did Obama Buy California Congressmen’s Votes with Water to the Central Valley?

Water in California is as valuable as gold. Since there isn’t enough to go around, it has been rationed and supplied only to those whom the government believes need it the most. Unfortunately, the people who live in California’s San Joaquin Valley have had their water turned off in order to protect a tiny fish called the delta smelt. As a result farm land that used to be prime agricultural land are now dust bowls. It devastated the economy as well, driving up the the unemployment rate in some areas to as high as 41 percent. Yet for months on end, President Obama said and did nothing to help the people in the Central Valley.

But now the president’s health care reforms are on the ropes and the San Joaquin Valley’s two blue-dog Democratic congressmen Dennis Cardoza and Jim Costa have been reluctant to support the president’s reforms. So imagine everyone’s surprise when the Department of the Interior announced yesterday that it is dramatically increasing the water supply to the valley’s parched lands. And what a coincidence, now the two California congressmen who were once “undecided” are being moved over into the “yes” column.

At the end of her post, Priestap expresses her disgust (which I feel) with Obama:

…This kind of corruption is a symptom of the larger issue, which is Barack Obama’s frightening lack of conscience toward the American people who he is supposed to be serving. We have seen over and over again his callous disregard for the will of the American people. Poll after poll has shown the majority of the electorate is hostile to ObamaCare, yet he dismisses their opinions like he swishes away a fly.But nowhere has his indifference been more obvious than with this apparent water deal. The once lush and fertile Central Valley has been a barren waste land for months and the president did nothing to help the restore the land or the people living there, who over the months have been made virtually destitute. They were invisible. That is, until he needed their congressmen’s votes for his health care reform package. Only then did the valley finally get the water it desperately needed.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


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