Slight Majority of Washingtonians Favor McKenna Suing the Federal Government Over ObamaCare

From SurveyUSA:

Q: Should the state of Washington sue to attempt to repeal the part of the law that requires everyone to have health insurance?

Just barely within the margin of error. What this says to me is that McKenna’s actions won’t damage his candidacy for the governorship (if he chooses to run in 2012), as the Seattle PI speculated yesterday:

What bias, eh? Not only did the PI post the angriest image of McKenna they could find (a picture that has also been used by Democrats on an anti-McKenna web site), but they suggested he may have already dug his own political grave based off of zero evidence.

Well, now they have evidence that points to the contrary of what they editorialized about. I doubt we’ll see a story about how this may actually set him up nicely for a run at the governorship in 2012, however.

By the way, in a separate SurveyUSA poll conducted on Monday, 43% of Washingtonians said they expected the quality of their health care to get worse due to ObamaCare, while only 17% said they expected it to get better. 35% said it would stay the same.

In addition, 45% said they expected their health care costs to increase due to ObamaCare, while only 10% said costs would decrease. 36% said costs would stay the same.

So when Governor Gregoire asks who McKenna thinks he represents by going alone in suing the federal government, he can accurately and definitively say he represents the majority of Washingtonians.


3 Responses to Slight Majority of Washingtonians Favor McKenna Suing the Federal Government Over ObamaCare

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  2. DCG says:

    Anything coming from the PI is mostly propoganda. McKenna has been one of the few non-libs re-elected in this state. There is a reason for that. He is doing his job and representng the people. Time will tell in November – and if he chooses to run – what kind of person Washingtonians want to represent them.

  3. […] I posted last Wednesday, a slight majority (44/40) of Washingtonians favor McKenna joining in the lawsuit with 13 other state […]

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