WA Senate Dems Pass Bill to Implement Hundreds of Millions in New Taxes on Washingtonians

Just what we need in Washington! More taxes. Thanks Democrats!

The only way they’ll stop relentlessly taxing us is if we vote them out. We need to send a clear message that we’re not going to take it anymore starting this November.

From The Seattle Times:

Senate OKs new taxes to balance state budget

OLYMPIA — It soon will be more expensive to drink beer, soda and bottled water, eat candy and chew gum.

The state Senate gave final approval late Monday to a bill that boosts taxes on all of those items and more as the Legislature headed toward adjournment.

The legislation included a business-and-occupation tax surcharge on service businesses, such as doctors, lawyers, accountants and hairdressers. It’s part of a package of tax bills that’s expected to raise $757 million through June 2011 to help close a $2.8 billion budget shortfall. The legislation now goes to the governor, who is expected to sign it.

Oh, she’ll sign it. What does she have to lose? She’s not running again in 2012.

Btw, here are the 25 yeas:

Senators Berkey (D), Brown (D), Eide (D), Fairley (D), Franklin (D), Fraser (D), Gordon (D), Hargrove (D), Hatfield (D), Haugen (D), Jacobsen (D), Kastama (D), Keiser (D), Kline (D), Kohl-Welles (D), McAuliffe (D), McDermott (D), Murray (D), Oemig (D), Prentice (D), Pridemore (D), Ranker (D), Regala (D), Rockefeller (D), and Shin (D)

Vote them out.

Finally, there was this from the article:

In related action, both the House and Senate on Monday approved a budget that calls for more than $750 million in spending cuts but also taps reserves and uses federal funding to deal with the shortfall.

$750 million. That’s it. Couldn’t possibly cut more to save the taxpayers their hard-earned money.



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