Pataki Won’t Run For Senate in NY

Not good.

From the WSJ:

Former New York Republican Gov. George E. Pataki has decided not to mount an election challenge against Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand this fall.

Instead, he said in an interview Tuesday that he would create a new national organization aimed at building support to repeal the recently enacted health-care overhaul.

Mr. Pataki’s decision to bypass the Senate race marks another major coup for Ms. Gillibrand, who has been enormously successful in knocking out competition on both sides of the aisle despite appearing to be vulnerable politically.

A brand new Quinnipiac poll out today showed Pataki leading Gillibrand 45-40, and the last two polls (from Marist and Siena) showed him leading as well.

Pataki’s announcement follows similar announcements from real estate and media tycoon, Mort Zuckerman, as well as from Rudy Giuliani.

If the Republicans want to take back the Senate this November, they need to pick up Gillibrand’s seat. It’s as simple as that. Why no one has felt up to the challenge is beyond me, but it must be getting worrisome for the NRSC.


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