Gallup Poll: 63% of Americans Really Smart

Additionally, the poll finds that 30% are delusional (expect no change), while 4% (expect lower taxes) are morons.

From Gallup:

Six in 10 Americans Expect Their Taxes to Increase

Sixty-three percent of Americans believe their taxes will increase in the next 12 months, while 4% expect a change that will reduce their taxes. Majorities of all income groups share this view, though it is more common among Americans in upper-income households.


Specifically, 74% of Republicans expect their taxes to go up, as do 64% of independents. A proportionately lower 49% of Democrats share that view, but it is still the most common response within the group. Forty-one percent of Democrats expect their taxes to remain unchanged, and 6% think theirs will go down.


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