PPP Poll: Republicans lead generic Congressional ballot, 47-42

From Public Policy Polling:

Thanks to a more unified party and the advantage among independents Republicans continue to lead the generic Congressional ballot, 47-42 this month.

92% of Republicans are committed to supporting their party this fall while just 86% of Democrats are. For all the unhappiness many GOP voters may express with their party they are still pretty universally planning to vote for it this fall. Independents voters are leaning toward the GOP by a 37-31 spread.

As long as we can maintain (and hopefully grow) that spread among Independent voters, Republicans should be golden come November.

There was also this from the poll:

Republicans have an enthusiasm advantage but it’s not massive- 72% of their voters say they’re very excited about casting their ballots this year to 62% of Democrats.

Compare that with Gallup’s poll this past Tuesday, which showed an 18-point enthusiasm gap in favor of Republicans. Maintaining our enthusiasm (which shouldn’t be a problem) will be key heading into the midterms.


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