Rasmussen: NJ Gov. Christie Approval Rating at 53%

For all of the tough cuts Chris Christie’s been making lately to close the massive budget deficit in New Jersey, one might think his approval would be in the toilet.

Not so, says Rasmussen:

Fifty-three percent (53%) of New Jersey voters approve of the job Governor Chris Christie is doing, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of voters in the state. That includes 32% who strongly approve.

Forty-five percent (45%) disapprove of the performance of the new Republican governor, including 30% who strongly disapprove.

Eighty percent (80%) of Republicans and 64% of voters not affiliated with either party approve of how Christie is doing his job, but 70% of Democrats disapprove.


Last month, to deal with the state’s projected $11 billion deficit, he proposed a $29.3 billion state budget that includes cuts in a number of political sensitive areas. Leaders of the Democratic-controlled state legislature and the state teachers union, the New Jersey Education Association, have been particularly critical of the budget.

But 65% of New Jersey voters favor a one-year pay freeze on the salaries of administrators, teachers and school workers to reduce the state’s level of local school aid. Just 28% oppose this pay freeze to meet Christie’s proposed $820 million reduction in school aid.

Rock star.


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