Salon’s Joan Walsh is Utterly Clueless

This is absolutely hilarious on the one hand, and completely mind-blowing on the other.

It’s hilarious because of Mika Brzezinski’s mocking of Walsh, and mind-blowing because seriously, Walsh can’t name ONE PERSON on the left that’s “extreme”? Not one single person?

How about Bill Maher? Ed Schultz? Keith Olbermann (which is who Mika and Joe are alluding to in the clip)? Bill Maher? Randi Rhodes? Mike Malloy? Lawrence O’Donnell? NONE of these people came to mind?

I was able to rattle those names off in 30 seconds, and there are dozens more. Walsh seriously thinks Rush and Glenn are more extreme than the Lefties I listed above? That’s just nutty.

Anyway, watch and enjoy. Gave me a good laugh.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(HT: NewsBusters)


2 Responses to Salon’s Joan Walsh is Utterly Clueless

  1. Mika is so great! says:

    Very unprofessional of Mika. Very.

    She only goes after women, as she is threatened by them and too chickensh1t to step to a man.
    Willie and Joe were horrified. As well they should be.
    If not for her last name, she would be rocking back and forth in a state funded padded room somewhere.
    Even her father despises her, which is clear anytime he comes onto the show.
    It must have been placebo day for her (she has a well-known prescription drug dependency).
    Well, at least she didn’t toss her baby down the stairs and break her back this time.
    In the world of Mika, this is fairly minor as far as breakdowns go.

    Disagree without being disagreeable.

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