Chris Christie’s Day Just Keeps Getting Better

This is a huge feather in Chris Christie’s cap. Is there anything this guy can’t accomplish? I mean, he was able to get 59% of voters (in what was a record turnout) to reject their school district’s budgets. That hasn’t happened in 34 years! All while facing ruthless attacks from the teachers unions, as well as the lazy and pathetic line that he doesn’t care about children.

Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Christie is a Conservative rock star.

Here’s the updated story from Michael Winter at USA Today:

Tax-weary N.J. voters reject record 59% of school budgets

New Jersey voters rejected a record 59% of school budgets yesterday, heeding Gov. Chris Christie’s call to vote down property-tax hikes and spending plans that did not include a wage freeze for teachers. Though turnout also set a record, overall only about one fifth of registered voters went to the polls statewide.

Districts on the losing end must now work with municipal officials to craft a funding solution by May 19. Layoffs and other cuts are likely.

The state has the highest property taxes in the nation. Last year, voters approved 73% of school budgets, which included new levies.


Christie, a freshman Republican, called yesterday’s vote “a seismic change that reflects, I believe, a changed attitude in New Jersey.”

“They’ve had enough. They want real, fundamental change,” Christie said at a press conference this afternoon.

Oh, by the way teachers unions? 80% of budgets were passed in school districts where teachers accepted pay freezes.

Take a hint.


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