Will WA Have an Income Tax by the end of the Year?

Democrats in the legislature knew they couldn’t cram an income tax down the throats of Washingtonians, so instead, they’re going to be backing a push for a citizens initiative to be put on the ballot this November. Terrific.

From the Seattle Times:

State voters could see income-tax initiative for wealthy

OLYMPIA — Expect a push to seek voter approval in November for an income tax that hits couples earning more than $400,000 a year.

Bill Gates Sr. and others are expected to announce an effort Wednesday to put Initiative 1077 on the ballot.

The group would need to collect the signatures of at least 241,153 registered voters by July 2 to qualify for the ballot. Supporters typically try to collect more than the required number for a buffer.

There are 602,000 people in Seattle alone. The 1077 supporters should have no problem getting the 241,153 required signatures.

I’m just telling you right now, if this passes in November (which it likely will), you’re going to see wealthy citizens leave the state in droves. And they’re going to take their businesses with them.

Higher taxes are like a drug to Liberals in this state. They’re constantly looking for that next fix and are never satisfied when they actually get it. It’s a sick addiction.

2 Responses to Will WA Have an Income Tax by the end of the Year?

  1. DCG says:

    They will have no problem getting the signatures since every govt employee will sign this. Classic move to promote class warfare. Remember when the fed tax was only suppose to be for the “rich”? Careful what you vote for…

    • Nick says:

      What we need is a leader like Chris Christie. Plain and simple. Democrats have run this state so far into the ground, voters now feel we need an income tax to raise revenue and close the budget gap. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

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