Mark Critz in Serious Trouble in PA-12 Race


From Public Policy Polling:

As the party tries to hold onto John Murtha’s old Congressional seat here are some numbers that don’t bode very well for Democrats- the enthusiasm numbers among the party’s voters are exactly what they were in Virginia the weekend before Creigh Deeds went down to Bob McDonnell by 17 points.

38% of Democrats say they’re very excited about voting in the special election while 29% say they are not very excited. When we had those numbers in Virginia the overwhelming thought was that it was due to Democrats being uninspired by Creigh Deeds’ lackluster campaign. I’m not sure that the numbers in this case are really Mark Critz’s fault so much as a reflection of unhappiness with the party in general.

Democratic voters in this particular district aren’t real high on the actions of any of their Democratic officials and that being the case it’s not a big surprise that they’re not enthralled with voting in this election.

But don’t worry, Dems! Nancy Pelosi just flew in to do a fundraiser for Critz! I’m sure she rallied the troops, seeing how popular she is among people in the district! Her and her 24% favorability rating


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