Obama’s New Sales Pitch to (Some) Americans

In the history of the United States, has a president ever pandered to certain race groups for votes before?

Here’s an excerpt of Obama’s new “Vote 2010” sales pitch:

It will be up to each of you to make sure that the young people, African Americans, Latinos, and women, who powered our victory in 2008 stand together once again. If you help us do that – if you help us make sure that first-time voters in 2008 make their voices heard again in November – then together we will deliver on the promise of change, hope, and prosperity for generations to come.”

I think Obama must think he still has a 63% approval rating. The reason a massive number of new voters came out was because they thought Obama was going to be a good president and was going to help turn the economy around.

In reality, he’s been a lousy president and has done nothing but hurt the economy. He’s spent trillions of dollars, helped the Democrats take over the health care system, and still hasn’t delivered on his promise to create new jobs.

Hence his 48% approval rating and 46% disapproval rating.

Hey Mr. President, the political landscape isn’t the same as it was back when your voters thought you were the messiah. Time to take the blinders off. You are no longer a rock star for your party. If you were, Jon Corzine, Creigh Deeds, and Martha Coakley would all be sitting in office. Americans are fed up with you, and that’s why this sales pitch isn’t going to work, and neither is the one you’re going to make to voters in 2012.


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