The Pathetic Desperation of Patty Murray and the DSCC

This is really pathetic. If I were a Democrat, I’d be extremely embarrassed of my party.

From the AP:

Dems attack Rossi ahead of possible Senate bid

Democrats stepped up their pre-emptive campaign against potential Republican Senate candidate Dino Rossi on Thursday, alleging that $20,000 in delinquent property taxes owed by his business partners show poor ethical standards on his part.


At issue are unpaid property taxes on a building in Everett owned by a real estate firm with ties to Rossi. But Rossi’s partnership with the firm is arranged through a separate company that doesn’t have an ownership stake in the property in question.

Ok, so the attack is baseless. And as I said before, pathetic.

The dustup previews a bruising fall campaign if Rossi enters the race, and reveals how nervous Democrats are about the prospect of a challenge from the former state senator.


“That’s why she sends her people here to personally attack someone who isn’t even running against her,” Rossi said. “Am I considering it? Absolutely. Does this make me consider it more? Yes it does.”

I think Rossi was already going to enter the race before this attack was launched, but I have to imagine this nonsense will only serve to reinforce his decision.


The latest attack was aimed at Rossi’s recent business venture with the Everett real estate firm Coast Equity Partners.

Tom Hoban, chief executive of Coast Equity Partners, said he hadn’t been aware of the tax bill on one property among the hundreds overseen by the firm’s management company. Hoban said a lease agreement had obligated tenants to pay the property taxes, but the tenants were now out of business, leaving investors to foot the bill.

What was left out of the AP article, but included in some others was a quote by Hoban, who said, “It definitely is nothing Dino is involved in.”

Here’s the end of the AP article:

Murray spokeswoman Alex Glass declined to enter the fray, saying it was between Rossi and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

“What Sen. Murray is focused on right now is Wall Street reform,” Glass said.

What an absolute joke. The Murray camp playing innocent is enough to make you sick, isn’t it? As if they haven’t been working with the DSCC through this entire sleazy document dig they’ve been conducting.

The Everett Herald sums up what the DSCC’s been up to:

This information originally came to light through the sleuthing of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.

The political operation recently dispatched a team of researchers into Snohomish County to comb through mounds of court and assessor records in search of potential political dirt on Rossi and Coast Equity Partners.

What they find is sure to be compiled and added to the DSCC’s special website targeting Rossi.


I hope Rossi crushes Murray in November.


One Response to The Pathetic Desperation of Patty Murray and the DSCC

  1. DCG says:

    Classic… Murray going after Dino’s non-existent tax problems when we have a known tax cheater Timothy Turbo in this admin. Desparation makes you do crazy things.

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