Quote of the Day

“The new law in Arizona actually allows police officers to pull people over if they look Hispanic.”

– My political science professor

(Don’t worry, I corrected him. Respectfully, of course.)


4 Responses to Quote of the Day

  1. Bill says:

    What did you say?

    • Nick says:

      I told him that’s not what the law says, and was able to educate him on what it actually does say. He didn’t push back at all because he knew he would have been speaking out of a position of ignorance. He hadn’t read the bill before making his claim, so his defense would have amounted to making more stuff up.

      It’s just scary to me that profs think they can get away with making certain claims b/c they don’t think they’ll get challenged.

  2. Bill says:

    Out of full disclosure I will first say I haven’t read the bill, myself. I have read snippets and read a lot about the bill, though, and it seems to me many conservatives are making a literalist argument. They say that it doesn’t target Mexicans because all it says are “illegal immigrants” and there are rules against cops profiling.

    But let’s be real. What are the chances you or me get stopped at a traffic light because our tail light is out and we get asked out immigration status? I’m going to say very little. What are the chances somebody like Bill Richardson might get asked? Quite a bit higher.

    This isn’t a partisan, but a pragmatic, issue. That is why people ranging from Dick Cheney to Schwarzenegger have come out against it. That is why a cop in Arizona is threatening to sue the state because of the law (it actually will make their job more difficult, as undocumented migrants will likely not provide testimony at a crime in fear of deportation), and it is why many Americans are against it. I saw that poll on the NYT, but you also have to remember there is a lot of bigotry in this country. This issue is more about race than anything else we have dealt with, and we have a lot of racists who will support this bill just because it keeps the undocumented migrants out, even though it is, in my opinion, a disgusting use of political power.

    • Nick says:

      “But let’s be real. What are the chances you or me get stopped at a traffic light because our tail light is out and we get asked our immigration status?”

      Bill, we get asked to see our drivers license and registration every time we get pulled over. We get asked to see our license in a lot of situations actually, and in some cases, even our passport. We carry the proper ID with us, b/c that’s what distinguishes us as American citizens. All officers are being asked to do is make sure people are here legally. It’s not harassment to ask for identification.

      Hey, if you want nothing to be done about the 10.8+ million illegal immigrants currently living here, then that’s fine. But most Americans, as I posted yesterday, DO want something to be done, and that’s why they support this bill. 51% in Gallup, 60% in CBS, 62% in another poll.

      “…you also have to remember there is a lot of bigotry in this country.”

      I honestly can’t believe you just wrote that. The American people just elected a black man to the highest office in the nation, and now b/c they support a bill that cracks down on illegal immigrants, you say there’s a lot of bigotry and racism in this country. Unreal.

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