Two New Polls Show 60+% Support For Arizona’s New Immigration Law

Add these to Gallup’s poll last week that showed 51% approval, 39% disapproval for the law.

First, from CBS:

Fifty-one percent of those surveyed say the law, which critics say essentially mandates racial profiling, takes the right approach, and nine percent say it should go even further.

Thirty-six percent say the law goes too far.

Two in three Republicans say the law takes the right approach, along with roughly half of independents. Among Democrats, support for the law stands at 38 percent. Americans living in the South and Midwest are more likely than those in the East or West to support the measure.

The second poll from Bellwether Research shows 62% support among Americans.

Exit quote from Allahpundit:

Given the breadth and depth of media demagoguery on this subject, I can only wonder how high support would be if ill-informed critics weren’t on cable 24/7 screeching about nascent Nazism. 70 percent, maybe?


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