Obama to HI-01 Voters: Vote for a Democrat!

I’m loving this.

From CQ Politics:

President Barack Obama has recorded a robocall encouraging voters to pick a Democrat in the special election in Hawaii’s 1st Congressional district.

Obama is still extremely popular in his home district, which includes Honolulu and the surrounding area. Democrats, however, are losing the battle for the heavily democratic district because the mail-in ballot election features two well-known Democrats: Former Rep. Ed Case and state Senate President Colleen Hanabusa, are running in the free-for-all contest against a well-known Republican, Honolulu City Councilman Charles Djou.

So here we have a Republican beating two Democrats in a Dem-heavy district because neither of the two Democrats are willing to drop out for the sake of their party.

So knowing that, what did Pres. Obama say on his robocall to stop Hawaii’s Democratic voters from splitting the vote and handing the seat to a Republican?


“Aloha, this is President Barack Obama on behalf of the Democratic Party. As you know, there is an election for Congress taking place and your support for a Democrat is crucial for us to continue pushing forward our agenda for change. I need a Democrat that will support my agenda in Congress. I need someone that will hold Wall Street and the big special interests accountable. It’s crucial that you vote and that you vote Democratic. In the next couple of days, an actual ballot will come directly to you in the mail and all you need to do is fill it in, sign the envelope and mail it back. Voting is that easy. I hope we can we count on you to return your ballot as soon as you get it. Your vote matters. Thanks so much. Bye bye.”


Charles Djou is thisclose from being the first Republican to represent HI-01 (Pres. Obama’s hometown) since 1990.


One Response to Obama to HI-01 Voters: Vote for a Democrat!

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