The Latest From HI-01

1.) Colleen Hanabusa is “in this race until the end.” She called a press conference yesterday to announce the very fact that she’s NOT dropping out. That’s how committed to losing she is.

2.) The Honolulu Star-Bulletin joined The Honolulu Advertiser in endorsing Ed Case, the other Democrat in the race facing Charles Djou. It’s hard to know whether the two endorsements will make much of an impact on the voters.

3.) Speaking of voters, 18% of them have already sent in their ballots.

From The Honolulu Advertiser:

Just a few days into the three-week voting period, about 18 percent of voters in the 1st Congressional District have mailed back their special-election ballots to the state Office of Elections.

An estimated 60,000 ballots had been received by the office as of yesterday afternoon, said Rex Quidilla, the office’s voter services coordinator.

That’s out of 317,337 people eligible to vote in the winner-take-all election for the 1st Congressional District, which stretches from Hawai’i Kai to ‘Ewa Beach, Quidilla said.

“It’s a sizable amount,” he said.

All ballots must be received by the Office of Elections by 6pm on May 22nd.

Seeing as Djou has led in every recent poll that’s come out, I’d imagine he’s getting pretty excited at this point. And he should be.

Not only are his two opponents going to stay in the race till the end, thereby taking votes from each other, but the President of the United States just recorded a robocall that was of absolutely no help to either of them. “Vote for a Democrat” is not a helpful message at this point, Mr. President.

But seeing how as how POTUS always manages to ensure losses for the people he campaigns for, is anyone really surprised by the robocall?



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